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Contacta V15A-UK Hearing Loop Driver


The Contacta V15A is a highly efficient constant current, single output Hearing Loop Driver. Suitable for medium-to-large size areas, but can also provide a solution in smaller facilities that require more power to produce acceptable results. Common places of use include meeting rooms, classrooms, care and nursing facilities, waiting rooms, and lecture halls.

An efficient constant current dual output can be used to drive Perimeter Loops & Phased Array solutions. For the aforementioned solutions, the unit has a built in phase shifter so no external phase processing is required. The output stage of the amplifier uses class D technology combined with digital sound processing, which provides maximum intelligibility that is vital for Induction Loop Systems.

The internal CPU is very powerful and drives all the functions that make this amplifier a highly professional product that broadcasts life-like speech and incredible music reproduction.This unit can be rack mounted by using the MBR range of brackets such as the single V-Series Mounting Bracket (MBR-V1) or the Dual V-Series Mounting Bracket (MBR-V2). There’s also a blanking plate available (MBR-VBLANK) and a 6u Cabinet (IL-AC-RACK-19)

Don’t forget to add a IL-RX20 Loop Listener to your order, to make sure you can complete the regular test required by the current British Standard.

Product Features:

  • Sleep mode
  • High Pass Filter
  • Audio time delay
  • Simple user interface
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Enhanced Loop Diagnostics
  • True constant current output stage
  • Switchable AGC (Automatic Gain control)
  • Ultra-efficient power utilisation (up to 90% efficient)
  • Class-D amplifier output stage capable of delivering 5ARMS @ >15VRMS
  • DSP controlled automatic gain control & high frequency compensation for metal loss
  • Compact half-width 1U chassis (compatible 6U Rack Cabinet available upon request)
  • Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage, short circuit and DC detection
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