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Univox AutoLoop UK – Automatic Loop Amplifier, incl. Sofa Loop & Audio Cable (50m²)


The Univox AutoLoop UK is an Automatic Loop Amplifier, including a Sofa Loop & Audio Cable, whilst covering distances of up to 50m².

Connect your TV, stereo or any other audio sources to the Loop System through two sensitive 3.5mm Mic/Line inputs. Simply plug in the input signal(s), then connect to your choice of Loop Pad, Sofa Loop or Room Loop and enjoy the pure sound. No settings, no controls, no fuss!

Everything is captured in a small and stylish case, although the amplifier is powerful enough to support loops even in large living spaces of at least 50m2. The AutoLoop is powered by a modern switched power supply, resulting in efficient power management and minimal power consumption when in stand-by mode. Both weight and size of this elegantly designed product uses fewer materials.

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