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Opus Technologies RC-50 Copper Leaf Cable (50ml Reel)

Opus Technologies RC-50 is a 19mm isolated Copper Leaf, used as an implantation solution for the installation of a magnetic loop. This cable can be fitted under most coverings, such as: carpet, wood, tile, linoleum, laminate or vinyl (without any adverse effects).

Following the installation, the cable will no longer be visible under coverings, and is further secured on the floor with a printed warning tape (which alerts users to its presence). Copper tapes are 18mm, 10mm or 2x10mm in width and 0.1mm in thickness. They are isolated by a Malinex tape of 0.05mm.

The resistance is approximatly 10mΩ/m. Connection with a link cable (OP-LI5/10/15) for going to the amplifier is supremely straightforward; the first option is to use terminals ‘C10-RC’ and crimp it to the cable and copper tape. Alternatively, you can scratch the Melinex tape for welding the link cable directly to the leaf.

*For angles, simply fold the tape back on itself*

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