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Current Thinking ETFSM Field Strength Meter


This product has been discontinued, but we can recommend compatible replacement parts.

The Current Thinking ETFSM is a Field Strength Meter, designed to ensure the accurate measurement of loop field strength within an area covered by an induction loop (AFILS) system. Provides a low cost solution for AFILS testing during installation.

The ETFSM has many features, which make it ideal for surveying, commissioning and periodically testing all induction loop installations. The LOW range setting is provided for measuring cross talk between loop systems and interference from mains equipment such as lighting, dimmers and computer equipment.

An “A weight” filter is provided allowing measurements of the audio as the human ear hears the loop, this also rejects mains hum allowing accurate assessment of loop installations in areas of high electrical noise. All measurements are taken with 0dB defined as 100mAM-1 RMS using a PPM response rectifier in line with IEC118-4 (BSEN60118-4).

Product Features:

  • 10 LED Bargraph
  • Battery-Powered
  • Rugged belt Clip Case
  • Selectable A-weight filter
  • Low range for Background Noise Measurement
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