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Current Thinking ET20EC Complete Loop Kit


This product has been discontinued, but we can recommend compatible replacement parts.

The Current Thinking ET20EC features a Complete Loop Kit, constructed to provide a cost-effective solution for AFILS at counter locations – where fixed loops are preferable to portable solutions, and can be discreetly placed.

The ET20EC is for use on counters to simplify compliance with the DDA and building regulations. The unit is designed for installation to walls, vanity panels, desks and counters. Recessed controls are added to reduce unauthorised adjustment. LED indication is provided for the presence of power and loop current. The supplied kit contains: Loop Amplifier, Telecoil, Microphone, PSU & Loop Present Sticker.

The amplifier has two microphone inputs; other signal levels can be accommodated using the relevant Current Thinking adaptor. This unit also incorporates the latest design in audio processing, allowing varying microphone levels to be automatically compensated for; while preventing sudden loud noises from reaching the output stage.

Product Features:

  • 2 Inputs
  • Phantom Power
  • Current Mode Output
  • Plug top PSU Supplied
  • True Operation Indicator
  • Compressor & Noise Limiter
  • Protected Output Drive Control
  • Small size (80mm by 80mm by 33mm) >2A Peak Current Capability
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