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Contacta V34-UK Pro Hearing Loop Driver


The Contacta V34-UK Pro is a constant current, single output Hearing Loop Driver. It can be used to power large Perimeter Loop designs; suitable for medium sized facilities and venues such as meeting or conference rooms, lecture halls, receptions & waiting rooms, gyms & sports halls and educational establishments. The V22 has a Class-D amplifier output stage which can deliver enough current to handle tough loop loads.

The Class-D amplifier output stage and audio subsystem is built around advanced digital systems, including an ARM Cortex processor and dual DSP cores. When combined with a powerful CPU, peak performance is guaranteed at all times. The V22a is network enabled, making installatton a walk in the park, in addition to cutting edge technology that achieves life-like speech reproduction and incredible music quality.

Features an intuitive and sleek user interface consisting of a full colour LCD screen and a single control dial, which makes adjusting the unit straightforward. The unit also features integrated universal switch mode power supplies, which provide ultra efficient power utilisation of up to 90%. The V22a is continuously self-testing, so you can rest assured that any faults can be quickly and easily identified.

This intelligent self monitoring system can also supply status e-mails on changes to driver functions when the unit is connected to a network, granting you the ability to monitor the status of your Loop System (even if you’re not on site). The drive and loop output levels can also be adjusted using the embedded LAN service, minimizing installation time by cutting out the back and forth. Setting up the V22a is made simple thanks to the built in guided Hearing Loop setup, and integral Test Signal Henerator. Please note however that an FSM is still required to fully commission a system.

The V22 is compatible with standard 19″ racking using the included rack mounting ears. If you don’t have space in your existing equipment rack then there is a 6U Cabinet (IL-AC-RACK-19) available, and to finish the rack off there are blanking plates available (MBR-VBLANK) as well. It’s also worth remembering to add an IL-RX20 Loop Listener to your order, to ensure you can complete regular tests as required by the current British Standard.

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