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Contacta STS-SU1-G Staff Speech Transfer Microphone Unit (Grey)


The Contacta STSSU1G is a Staff Speech Transfer Microphone Unit (Black), used with all Contacta Speech Transfer Systems. It can be used as a replacement part or as a component of a bespoke system that is being built to fulfil a specific need.

The unit is the staff side device, including a combined microphone and loudspeaker to allow communication between the staff side and public side of a counter. Please note this item is part of a kit, and will not work on its own.

STS-SU1-B can be manouvered into an optimum position thanks to its semi-rigid stem, and base unit which features a handy mute switch to keep confidential conversations private. The microphone is perfect for speech with a frequency range of 150Hz to 10300Hz and it’s cardiod pickup pattern is ideal for minimising feedback and reducing background noise intereference.

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