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Contacta STS-M73 Desktop Halo Microphone (with Stem)


The Contacta STSM73 Desktop Halo Microphone has the same noise cancelling capsule as the STS-M72 to ensure the highest quality of audio is fed into the Loop System. Unlike the STS-M72 this version does not have an LED to show the system status so it can be used where a discrete installation is required.

Perfect for all one-to-one Induction Loop scenarios where background noise may be a concern. Installations can oftentimes be tricky, but when the STS-M73 is concerned, it couldn’t be easier. Simply unpack the unit, peel of the adhesive protective cover and stick to a clean flat surface making sure it is in line with the person speaking!

For those applications that are aesthetically sensitive this microphone is also available with a brass stem.

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