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Contacta STS-M56-G Flush Mount Microphone (Grey)


The Contacta STSM56G Flush Mount Microphone (Grey), comes as standard with the STS-K003L-G kit. In the unlikely event that your existing flush mount microphone is defective then this would be an ideal replacement. It can also be used as a direct replacement for a damaged unit or as part of an Audio System that needs a robust and rugged flush mount microhone.

The unit does have a limited frequency response of 100Hz to 5000Hz, which makes it our go-to solution for Induction Loops and Speech Transfer markets, as well as an omnidirectional pickup for picking up all the speech from a public side of a counter or security partition. Its flush mount form factor and low profile design also offer a degree of vandal resistivity for those slighty harsher areas of usage.

Dimensions are approximately 50mm (D) x 60mm (W) x 120mm (H)

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