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Contacta STS-K070-L Dual Speaker Pod System


The Contacta STSK070L is an ‘entry level’ Dual Speaker Pod System. It is designed to provide one-to-one communication through a safety screen or partition, a superb solution for use in care homes, hospitals and surgeries, reception counters, banks and retail stores.

The Dual Speaker Pods can be surface mounted or free standing, in addition to two STS-M70 Mouse Microphones, which are included. It is an affordable system for use in environments with low ambient noise.

This system can also be expanded to allow for compatibility with assistive listening devices, such as the IL-AE97-00 Supaloop Aerial, or the IL-AE99 Hearing Loop Aerial. If you’re planning on installing the system with either of the above aerials, whether it’s for yourself or on behalf of a client, then it’s also worth considering investing in an IL-RX20 Loop Listener.

This handy device will allow you to check the functionality of an Induction Loop, avoiding return trips to site if you’re an insataller. Alternatively, if you’re installing it for yourself then you’ll know that the system is working as intended, giving you the ability to periodically test it.


  • x1 PS-55 Power Supply
  • x1 STS-S70 Speaker Pod
  • x1 STS-M70 Mouse Microphone
  • x1 STS-A31H Speech Transfer Amplifier
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