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Contacta HEADSET-1-RJ11 Single Ear Stereo Headset – For Speech Transfer Systems

The Contacta HEADSET1RJ11 is a Single Ear Stereo Headset with a built-in noise-cancelling Boom Microphone – which is terminated in an RJ11 connection. The headset is designed to be used in conjunction with the STS-SJB-RJ Break Out Box, which allows the use of a headset with any Contacta Speech Transfer System. It features a flexible microphone, a comfortable adjustable headband, and clear audio reproduction.

The single ear speaker is ideal for use when staff need to be able to converse clearly with customers whilst also being able to maintain communication with other colleagues on the staff side of the counter. Please note that these are bespoke units made to order. For further information and advice on the right Speech Transfer System for you, please get in touch with our sales team on 0191 691 6691 and we’ll be happy to help.

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