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Contacta RF-TX1 Portable RF Transmitter


The Contacta RFTX1 is a Portable Radio Frequency Transmitter. This allows for on-the-move transmission of clear speech to users with a Contacta RF-RX1, RF-RXU, or RF-TRX Receiver Unit across 40 channels. It comes with a belt-clip allowing the user to unobtrusively wear the unit when required.

The unit does require a separate compatible microphone. For handsfree use we’d recommend the RF-TX1-EM Earworn Microphone, or if you require more than one person to use the transmitter we’d recommend the RF-TX1-PM.

RF-TX1 charges using a micro-USB power supply – which means charging the unit is simple and fast. You can charge two units simultaneously using the RF-RX-CS2, or for safe keeping we’d recommend using the Contacta RF-DC20 to house and charge all your RF products.

Ideal for situations when listeners require clear sound, tour guidance or interpretation, such as:


  • Museums
  • Conferences
  • Historical Sites
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Places of Worship
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