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Contacta Q-Control Starter Kit

The Contacta QControl Starter Kit offers an effective method for queue management, allowing staff to operate efficiently and ensure that customers are served quickly. It’s ideal for use in any situation where queues are required, such as: Post Offices, Banks, Pharmacies, Shops, Airports or Ticket Offices.

When queues are orderly and managed, customer satisfaction can be maximised. The Contacta Q-Control System provides this by clearly directing customers to the next available position with both visual/audible instructions, allowing customers with poor eyesight and/or hearing loss to feel included.

The Q-Control system is modular, so the 2 position standard base model is expandable to over 40 positions. It is simple to install and extremely easy for staff to use. Cat6 cable enables communication between the units, and cabling can be concealed within counter frames for a much neater appearance.

Monitoring capabilities are another feature of this superb kit; automatically detecting any faults by the QC-HUB Control Hub or QC-JB-00 Junction Boxes. The Q-Control Starter Kit is available with up to 6 positions, but the system itself can be expanded further if required. For large-scale requirements, please contact our sales team via 0191 691 6691.


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