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Contacta IL-SN06 Adhesive Front – Portable Loop Sign


The Contacta ILSN06 is an adhesive-front Portable Loop Sign, predominantly designed for window-mounted applications to provide a clear indication to hard of hearing service users. The displaying of signage is a requirement of BS EN 60118-4 and shouldn’t be ignored if your solution is to use a Portable System (such as the IL-PL20 Portable Loop System).

To install, simply peel off the protective layer and stick it to a clean surface using a credit card to smooth out those air bubbles. A debit card works equally as well!

As stated, this sign is only applicable to Portable Induction Loop Systems. Signage for Fixed Induction Loop Systems can be achieved using the fixed loop equivalent of this sign, being the IL-SN02 – which is the fixed loop version of this same sticker.

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