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Contacta IL-K300-25-00 Over Counter Loop System (Halo Microphone)


The Contacta ILK3002500 is an Over Counter Loop System, with an added Halo Microphone; ideal for use in any counter application where an under-the-counter solution isn’t an option choice due to minimal space or a lack of counter space.

The ‘Over Counter’ solution utilises the IL-AE97 Loop Aerial, which essentially looks like a standard loop sign, but concealed within it is the Loop Transmission Aerial. These have been successfully used in many applications and aren’t only restricted to counter based positions. Although they are an ideal choice for general customer service applications in banks, post offices and supermarkets, we’ve also seen them successfully used in areas that don’t have counters like car park information windows and other information points.

As with the IL-K200-20-00 System, this kit comes complete with the HLD-2 Loop Driver to provide clear and intelligible audio from the amplifier to the hard of hearing person. The microphone included with this kit is the STS-M72 Halo Microphone – making the system ideal for areas with high ambient noise or other difficult acoustic situations.

Also included within this kit, is the PS-55-01-UK Power Supply. Don’t forget to have a look at the IL-SD01 Desk Stand, designed for the IL-AE97 Loop Aerial if you’re considering using this kit for a basic over the counter application.

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