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Contacta IL-K200-20-00 Under Counter Loop System (Halo Microphone)


The Contacta ILK2002000 is an Under Counter Loop System with an added Halo Microphone, designed to be used as a discrete under-the-counter solution… and this kit includes everything you need to get your Loop System up and running; all except for a human installer of course.

The IL-K200-20-00 will enable a hard of hearing person to receive crystal-clear communication from the staff at a service counter in places such as banks, supermarkets, post offices, theatres, information centres and airports. Basically anywhere that has a counter serving the public will benefit from the addition of one of these systems.

This kit includes the latest HLD-2 Loop Driver Unit, and comes with the flexible IL-AE99 Loop Aerial allowing the correct loop shape to be obtained to produce the correct size and direction of listening field. The audio input comes from the STS-M72 Halo Microphone which provides great pick up from the staff side of the counter, and has a visual indicator to remind the staff that the microphone is on. Not only that, but it also helps them to direct their voice to the microphone location as well.

A PS-55-01-UK Power Supply, fixings and an IL-SN01 Induction Loop Adhesive Plan. Don’t forget that you should be checking your Loop Systems regularly, and the ideal tool to assist you with this is the IL-RX20 Loop Listener.

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