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C-TEC TEAR10 Adhesive Back Loop Signage (Pack of 10)


The CTEC TEAR10 is a pack of ten Adhesive Back Induction Loop Signage Stickers. If you’ve had multiple induction loops installed in order to comply with disability legislation, then you really need to make sure that the general public are made aware of it.

The TEAR10 loop signs indicate that a loop system is present, as well as letting your customers know how they can connect to it. Printed on a bright blue background with a clear white image, the internationally recognised ear symbol makes users aware that an induction loop has been fitted, as well as informing them that they can connect to the system by setting their hearing aid to the “T” position.

Each sticker measures 7.5cm wide by 9.5cm tall, making them the ideal solution for offices or buildings with multiple loop installations. For further information on anything hearing loop related, please feel free to contact our sales team via using the enquiry button above.

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